Pruvit’s new #mysterymax is outta the bag! The new Keto//OS Amped Midnight is a black cherry vanilla flavor and it’s so darn good! Read my latest blog post on the Amped Midnight ketones and request samples here: The new Amped Midnight has hints of cherry, grape, and vanilla flavors, and has the amped up energy just like the Amped Blue Ocean. More caffeine, stronger ketone blend – all the max energy you’d want in a yummy ketones supplement! Why do I drink Pruvit’s ketones? They TASTE THE BEST! Pruvit has the best tasting ketones hands down, and I’ve tried them all. I get amazing energy, focus, fat loss (I’ve lost 17 lbs), and it helps me CRUSH my workouts. I do Orange Theory Fitness and my workouts have gotten so much better! I run faster, row harder, and lift heavier. I’ve hit all my OTF PR’s drinking the Amped flavors. I also LOVE the Amped Blue Ocean and you can read my blog post on the Blue here: What is Ketosis? Drinking one serving of any of Pruvit’s Keto//OS or Keto Max puts you into the metabolic state of ketosis in under an hour – amazing! Ketosis is where you burn fat as your fuel source instead of glucose (carbs/sugar). Becoming a fat burner in my 40’s has been life changing. And I don’t follow a strict ketogenic diet! If you’re new to ketones and would like to try all of Pruvit’s flavors, email me at and I will hook you up. You can read my full Pruvit Keto//OS testimonial here and to see my before and after pics: I hope if you’re reading this you won’t wait until Jan 1 to get started in reaching your fitness goals for 2018, there’s no better time than right MEOW! #pruvit #ketoos More from my siteKeto//OS Max Ketone UNBOXING – What are they and what are the options?Pruvit Keto OS AMPED Blue Ocean ohhhh yeaaa!!Coffee on Keto / Intermittent Fasting? ☕ Blood Glucose & Ketones ⚠Women & keto problems ketogenic diet for womenNEW Prüvit Keto//OS Amped Blue OceanTHE KETO/OS DIFFERENT FLAVORS & VERSIONS

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