Life after Beachbody – Pruvit Month 2 review Champion Car Bonus Hey guys! So excited to share with you some AMAZING news on how just 7 weeks after leaving Beachbody Coaching, as a 2 star Diamond Coach, to join the Pruvit Community as an independent promoter, I’ve earned the Circle of Champions Car Bonus and a NEW CAR! Join the Pruvit movement: Learn about Keto//OS: Where to Find Me: Facebook – Instagram – Email – More from my site8 Star Diamond Quits Beachbody to Join Me at Pruvit | Top Pruvit Promoter DistributorMy Keto StoryLeaving Beachbody for Pruvit–WHY | Elite Top Coach | Shelley HobbsREAL FACTS! Beachbody vs. Pruvit | Why I Left Beachbody For PruvitKeto Bagels -Pinterest Win!Keto OS// 7 Day Honest Review

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